Rules and Regulations


• Bow in and out of the school's main entrance and training area upon entering or exiting.
• Arrive 10 minutes before class starts. If you come late you will not be able to attend that class session.
• Salute, greet and bow to your instructor before and after every class.
• When responding to instructor, address them using "Sir" or "Ma'am".
• Treat your fellow students, partners, seniors and instructor with respect.
• If you need help, raise your arm to request attention. It is impolite to beckon with your hand or fingers to the instructor for help.
• Chewing gum or eating is prohibited during training.
• Do not fold your arms, lean on wall or place your hands on your hips during training or listening to your instructor. Fold hands in front of abdomen.
• Students are encouraged to ask questions during training time but personal questions should be addressed to the instructor after class.
• Drugs, smoking, alcohol, chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited in the premises.
• Students are responsible for placing their belongings, weapons, etc. in appropriate places without hindrance to the training areas. King Tiger TKD is not responsible for any lost or misplaced belongings.
• Do not walk through a class; always walk around and behind a class.
• Line up with those of a higher rank starting on the left side of the room facing the instructor.
• Pay attention and follow instruction in class. Social conversation should be addressed after class.
• To ensure a comfortable learning atmosphere, students are prohibited from soliciting personal business sales of any religious activities among others in the school.


• All jewelry should be taken off before practice. Long hair should be pulled back and tied.
• Nails should be trimmed and eyeglasses should be secured with a safety strap.
• Students will be allowed to spar after they have attained the Blue belt unless they are recommended or have previous sparring experience.
• Treat weapons with respect. Do not play with weapons or equipment in the training area during class without permission.
• All students should purchase their own weapons or gear before learning or participating in weapons classes or sparring training.
• Students are also responsible for bringing and using their own weapons or gear for training in class.
• All push-hands practice and sparring in the school must be supervised by an instructor and practiced within the safety rules and martial ethics.
• Students will be responsible for the damage of any equipment or the destruction of any school property during training. Please train considerately, safely and carefully.
• In the spirit of sportsmanship, there should be no negative reinforcement from any other students or family members during class or sparring practices.


• Your Instructors have been specially trained to give you the most individual attention on the areas where you are weak, especially during your Basic Program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for help.
• In Class - Occasionally you may be asked by the teacher or instructor to help another student learn the skills you already know. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn and this opportunity should be looked at as an excellent way to improve your knowledge and skills. But in order to maintain a high and consistent standard of instruction, students should refrain from instructing new materials to other students unless instructed to do so by the Instructor. If someone needs help, refer him or her to the class presiding Instructor.
• Outside of class - Prior permission from King Tiger TKD is required for students to participate in any functional or instructional activities inside or outside of the school, pertaining to King Tiger TKD's training, demonstration and/or performances.
• Your rights - All students should feel comfortable and safe training at King Tiger Tae Kwon Do. Our program is designed to accommodate each level of training. If you or anyone you know is experiencing difficulty in training under any program, under an instructor, individual or with a fellow student, please do not hesitate to notify the Master Instructor at King Tiger TKD.


• Each student must purchase a full uniform of white pants and a white v-neck top when joining. Black pants may be purchased when you are promoted to Assistant Instructor. Uniforms should be clean and wrinkle free.
• You should at all times, wear the appropriate School uniform to class. Undershirts should be tucked in and the belt worn (if any).
• Before class starts, make sure that you are wearing the proper uniform and the belt is tied before entering the training area.
• Ladies should tie the knot on the right and men on the left.
• No cut-off T-shirts or tank tops are allowed during regular training. An instructor will inform you if any attire is inappropriate.
• Students have a one-month grace period to purchase the proper uniform.


• Knowing who will be in class allows us to plan better. If you are planning to take time off - FOR MORE THAN 15 DAYS - for vacation, another sport or any other reason please fill out and turn in a "Request for Freeze" form located at the front desk. Your regular tuition payments continue but time you are out of class may be added to your membership. If we do not receive this form from you we cannot extend your expiration date.


• Please attend the classes designated for you to ensure sufficient learning opportunities and training for all students.
• Be on time for your class. Arrive 10 minutes before class start.
• In the event you are going to miss one of your scheduled classes or if you are going to take a temporary break from training for any period of time, notify the instructor so arrangements can be made for make-up classes.
• Classes must be made up within one month of missed class.
• Students who did not notify the school of an extended absence and who are absent for more than three months of training will be considered an inactive student. Privileges extended to students will then cease, however membership dues will still continues till the end of the agreement unless otherwise noted.
• Make Up classes are held as an extra class and may be cancelled at any time. We encourage students who have missed a class, or if they need help with a specific skill, to come to a Make Up class.
• Please email us if you need to schedule a make up class.


• We love having your children in class, however...please keep them home if any of the following symptoms apply: Fever within the last 24 hours, Severe or phlegm-producing cough, Thick colored nasal discharge, Sore throat with fever or swollen glands, Within 24 hours of beginning antibiotic treatment, Three or more watery stools in 24 hours, Vomiting two or more times in 24 hours, Body rash, especially with a fever, While chicken pox sore are still infected, Thick mucus or pus draining from the eye, While any evidence of lice remain.
• We do appreciate calls letting us know your child will not be coming in due to illness.


• We follow the policy set by Charlotte Mecklenburg School District. If the schools are closed due to inclement weather conditions, King Tiger TKD will also be closed.


• Students are responsible for paying their tuition on time.
• If tuition and late fees are not paid by the end of the due month, the student will be prohibited from training until all tuition and late fees are paid in full, unless other arrangement has been made.
• Testing fees are due before the time of testing. We reserve the right to adjust the testing and monthly tuition rates as needed.
• The following payment methods are available to pay your monthly tuition:

- Prepayment - Minimum 6 months. Saves 10% of the total fees
- Electronic fund transfer (EFT) - This eliminates late charges.
- Automated Credit card payment - This eliminates late charges.

• If you have any questions regarding tuition, please contact King Tiger TKD. DO NOT contact our billing company as they do not set your fees.

• You are responsible to notify us if you have a problem paying your dues, or if you are taking a break from training, ill or moving out of town. Failure to do so may cause discontinuation of your training and accumulation of monthly charges reported by the billing company.


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Traditional TKD

meTo Develop Oneself Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and  to have a Good Character.

Physical Development
The King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Curriculum of Martial Arts includes a built in system for the improvement of one's physical abilities. Our system includes physical fitness, athletic ability, self-defense skills, enhancement of one's speed, power, and flexibility, and the development of well rounded and versatile Martial Artists.

Mental Development
Our King Tiger Tae Kwon Do teaching system develops the individual's abilities to focus and concentrate. To become highly skilled in the Martial Arts, one must be centered and focused, and the learning process emphasizes both these abilities through development of the student's concentration skills. Martial Arts help to develop strong minds by teaching that anything is possible. This is what develops the "Yes, I Can" attitude. read more >>