Grand Master Byung Hwa Jung

master-jungGRAND MASTER - King Tiger Tae Kwon Do

King Tiger TKD has been offering instruction and training in Tae Kwon Do in North Carolina since 1988. Formally known as King Tiger Academy, it was originally founded in Korea by a ninth degree black belt, Grandmaster Jung, Byung Hwa, in 1959. By his late twenties Grandmaster Jung had achieved mastership in Tae Kwon Do and had served extensively in the Korean Military, teaching troops hand to hand combat skills through the art of Tae Kwon Do. In 1959 Grandmaster Jung opened the first King Tiger Academy in Seoul Korea. Today, there are over one hundred and twenty King Tiger Tae Kwon Do schools on four continents with over thirty in Seoul alone. One of the first US King Tiger Academies was established by Master Byung Seok Lee in Greenville, NC in 1988. Since then our training and philosophy has become one of the fastest growing programs on the East Coast - a great source of comfort for the soul.

Grand Master Byung Seok Lee

master-leeGRAND MASTER - King Tiger Tae Kwon Do

Master Byung Seok Lee .... Was born in Korea and came to America end of 1986 to teach the art of Tae Kwon Do. He is an experienced & skilled former champion/competitor, a top instructor and coach, and exciting exhibitionist. He is also a cover story Master by Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine `95 and a loving, caring teacher.

Here is a list of his numerous credentials and accomplishments:

•  Deacon - Korean Presbyterian Church of Greenville, NC
•  President - King Tiger Tae kwon do Association
•  East Carolina University Adjunct Professor
•  Internationally certified instructor - WTF, ETF, KHF, USTU
•  Letter of Commendation - Kukkiwon `96
•  Cover Master - Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine `95
•  Ranked in three martial arts disciplines
•  Outstanding Instructor Award - Spanish TKD National Team `94
•  United States National Tae kwon do Referee
•  ADHD Children's Tae Kwon Do Program Instructor `91-`93
•  ECU Tae kwon do Club coach and advisor since `88
•  American Open National Champion `87
•  Eagle Tae kwon do Federation Internal Champion `87
•  Eagle Tae kwon do Federation International Champion `87
•  Tae kwon do for children before and after school program `82-`84
•  Former Head Instructor of King Tiger Academy, Korea `85
•  Jr. High and High School Coach and Instructor , Korea `85-`86


Master McCarter Jackson


Since founding the Goldsboro location of King Tiger on March 17th, 1993, Master Jackson has been continually striving to better each and every aspect of his students' training. He is dedicated to being a positive influence within their lives, and teaching them to become their personal best through training of the mind and body.

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Traditional TKD

meTo Develop Oneself Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and  to have a Good Character.

Physical Development
The King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Curriculum of Martial Arts includes a built in system for the improvement of one's physical abilities. Our system includes physical fitness, athletic ability, self-defense skills, enhancement of one's speed, power, and flexibility, and the development of well rounded and versatile Martial Artists.

Mental Development
Our King Tiger Tae Kwon Do teaching system develops the individual's abilities to focus and concentrate. To become highly skilled in the Martial Arts, one must be centered and focused, and the learning process emphasizes both these abilities through development of the student's concentration skills. Martial Arts help to develop strong minds by teaching that anything is possible. This is what develops the "Yes, I Can" attitude. read more >>